TOKU offers a wide variety of beautifully designed Postcards of Tanzania and Zanzibar, shot by photographer Tom Kunkler. More than 45 different designs are available at the moment and more are yet to come. Each card comes in a size of 17 x 12 cm (standard) or 21 x 10 cm (panorama), printed on 285 g paper in Europe. The minimum order is 25 cards of each design.


Mt. Kilimanjaro & Mt. Meru

Kili – Roof

P/N: T-6000


Kili – Glaciers

P/N: T-6001


Kili – Just done it!

P/N: T-6003


Kili → Moments

P/N: T-6004


The land of Kilimanjaro

P/N: T-6005


Kili – 5895 m

P/N: T-6017


Kili – Crater

P/N: T-6022


Kili – Landmark

P/N: T-6023


Kili – West View

P/N: T-6024



Mount Meru

P/N: T-6025



Moshi – Kili – Tanzania

P/N: T-6057



Mt. Kilimanjaro – Song

P/N: T-6066



Tanzania, Safari & Maasai


P/N: T-6006


Tanzania Market

P/N: T-6008


Tanzania Pole Pole

P/N: T-6067


Karibu Tanzania Flag

P/N: T-6068


Tanzania – Antique Map

P/N: T-6061


Karibu Tanzania

P/N: T-6007


Colourful Africa

P/N: T-6007


Jambo Song

P/N: T-6031



P/N: T-6010


Zebras Ngorongoro

P/N: T-6013


Screaming Lion

P/N: T-6015


Big 5

P/N: T-6021


Elefants Tarangire

P/N: T-6032


The Boss

P/N: T-6034


Tanzania – Zebras

P/N: T-6046



P/N: T-6047


Ngorongoro Crater

P/N: T-6056


Serengeti Moments

P/N: T-6063


Monkey Madness

P/N: T-6065


Walk on the wild Side

P/N: T-6071


Tribes of Tanzania

P/N: T-6064


Land of Maasai

P/N: T-6018


Maasai Ceremony

P/N: T-6026


Maasai Sunset

P/N: T-6033


Maasai Bibi

P/N: T-6061




Zanzibar Island

P/N: T-6020


Peaceful Zanzibar

P/N: T-6027


Zanzibar Breezes

P/N: T-6028


Zanzibar Heritage

P/N: T-6029


Zanzibar Spice Tour

P/N: T-6030


Zanzibar Memories

P/N: T-60431


Zanzibar Sunset

P/N: T-6040


Zanzibar Palms

P/N: T-6041


Stone Town – Zanzibar

P/N: T-6042


Zanzibar Faces

P/N: T-6042



P/N: T-6043


Paradise Zanzibar

P/N: T-6044


Zanzibar – Moments

P/N: T-6048


Zanzibar – Stone Town

P/N: T-6049



Zanzibar – Asante

P/N: T-6051


Zanzibar – Antique Map

P/N: T-6061



Panorama Cards

Panorama – Ngorongoro Crater

P/N: T-6058

Panorama – Kilimanjaro

P/N: T-6059

Panorama – Zanzibar

P/N: T-6060

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